You probably know this already, but there are dozens of reasons why people are showing up on YouTube these days. Many of them are just looking to have a good time and entertain themselves after a long, hard day of working for someone else who, surprise, surprise, still to this day and age, isn’t paying them a decent salary. So give them a break and let them titillate themselves and pique their interest in the time and space they have available to them. Give them a break. Some of them are so poor that they have to head off to their nearest internet cafĂ© to go and use YouTube.

So poor, they can’t even power up with the smart mobiles that many of you are using. And then there are those that are using YouTube for really smart things. Like starting up their own web-based business, for instance. Maybe you’ve been doing that already. Or maybe you’re just another dreamer who wants to get to Hollywood and become a star. Or maybe you’re into Broadway. Either way, if you’re already active in this line, you’ll know just how difficult it is for any casting agents to notice. First you have to head off to New York or LA.

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And then you still need to find the studio or stage. That’s really hard to do if you’re stuck all the way in traffic somewhere in the middle of Mumbai. Or are you still calling it Bombay? Bombay, Mumbai, whatever, here’s one great way to get noticed. That YouTube thing we were telling you about? There’s the thing. Many aspiring actors are already doing it. But why are they still only aspiring actors? Why haven’t they been noticed yet? Out of all the hundreds of agents out there, why isn’t anyone dialing them up.

Never you mind them, that queue is really long anyhow. So, here’s what you do. After you’ve produced your really fabulous YouTube gig, you go and buy YouTube views, make it a dozen or so, just for starters. Because guess what, the more YouTube views you have in your back pocket, the more someone out there is bound to notice you. Make it bigger and better and buy YouTube comments and likes as well. Are you being greedy? No, not at all. All you are trying to do is make a decent living. And because acting is your thing, you need that big break.

The smart guys that have started up their businesses already may not be so smart after all. Because they’re spending a fortune every year on marketing and advertising services to get potential customers to notice. Speaking of which, your YouTube video and views may just get those same advertising guys to notice. Because that’s where it all starts. TV ads are becoming passĂ© now that internet advertising is all the rage. And the role you land for the next brand will land up on YouTube as well.